Faiths of the Flanaess

The gods of Greyhawk come from at least four different pantheons, representing the faiths of the various ethnic groups that populated the continent of Oerik over the ages. 

Deity Alignment Domains Symbol

Beory, goddess of nature

N Nature Green disk
Boccob, god of magic N Knowledge Eye within a pentagram
Celestian, god of stars and wanderers N Knowledge Arc of seven stars inside a circle
Ehlonna, goddess of woodlands NG Life, Nature Unicorn horn
Erythnul, god of envy and slaughter CE War Blood drop
Fharlanghn, god of horizons and travel NG Knowledge, Trickery Circle crossed by a curved horizon line
Heironeous, god of chivalry and valor LG War Lightning bolt
Hextor, god of war and discord LE War Six arrows facing downward in a fan
Kord, god of athletics and sport CG Tempest, War Four spears and four maces radiating out from a central point
Incabulos, god of plague and famine NE Death Reptilian eye with a horizontal diamond
Istus, goddess of fate and destiny N Knowledge Weaver’s spindle with three strands
luz, god of pain and oppression CE Death Grinning human skull
Nerull, god of death NE Death Skull with either a sickle or a scythe
Obad—Hai, god of nature N Nature Oak leaf and acorn
Olidammara, god of revelry CN Trickery Laughing mask
Pelor, god of the sun and healing NG Life, Light Sun
Pholtus, god of light and law LG Light Silver sun or full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon
Ralishaz, god of ill luck and insanity CN Trickery Three bone fate-casting sticks
Rao, god of peace and reason LG Knowledge White heart
St. Cuthbert, god of common sense and zeal LN Knowledge Circle at the center ofa starburst of lines
Tharizdun, god of eternal darkness CE Trickery Dark spiral or inverted Ziggurat
Trithereon, god of liberty and retribution CG War Triskelion
Ulaa, goddess of hills and mountains LG Life, War Mountain with a circle at its heart
Vecna, god of evil secrets NE Knowledge Hand with eye in the palm
Wee Jas, goddess of magic and death LN Death, Knowledge Red skull in front of fireball

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Faiths of the Flanaess

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