The Pomarj

The Empire of the Pomarjj

Ruler His Most Ferocious Majesty, the Despot Turrosh Mak [NE Male Half-Orc]
Government Dictatorship governing numerous rival humanoid tribes
Major Cities Stoneheim (SC), Blue (SC), Highport (LC)
Resources Silver, Platinum, Gold, Gems
Population Orc 43%, Human 28%, Goblin 15%, Hobgoblin 10%, Halfling 3%, Other 1%
Alignment Neutral Evil
Allies Scarlet Brotherhood
Enemies Greyhawk, Ulek States, Keoland, Celene, Duchy or Urnst, Onnwal, Irongate

Few lands in the Flanaess are as malignant as the Pomarj. The Pomarj has long been the nexus of forces hostile to the free peoples of Greyhawk. Agents of the Scarlett Brotherhood travel openly. The Underdark is exposed to the surface in the Drachensgrab Hills. Slavery is commonplace, some would say rampant, and the common races are second-class citizens.

The despot, Turrosh Mak, holds it together with impressive cunning and might. States as far away as Furyondy and Urnst have expressed open concern regarding his rising strength. It is said that Mak is not satisfied with his own country and lusts for dominion across the sea.

The Pomarj

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